Welcome to Circle H Campers

Offering pop-up camper rentals in the Omaha area

Thank-you for considering Circle H Camper Rentals to be a part of your vacation fun, whether it will be a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation. We are here to provide you with a home a away from home. With few less conveniences, the fun is up to you, the comfort is up to us.

Camping can be a lot of things including: providing a personal retreat, time with family or friends, getting re-acquainted (no t.v., no phones, no computers/internet) just you, your loved ones, and nature. Of course there are elements and critters that a pop-up camper can protect you from.

Rent your home away from home for just $115/night

Features you'll find on our campers

  • Air Conditioning & Heat
  • Units can sleep up to six
  • Kitchen includes sink, propane stove, mini-fridge, and courtesy utensils