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Rate for our pop-ups are $115/night
Other Fees
  • Delivery: (local-area only) $75.00
  • Set-up: (local-area only) $75.00
  • Pick-up: (local-area only) $75.00
  • Clean-up fee (applies for pick-up) $100.00
  • Propane Fee $ 25.00
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    Each unit comes with one full propane tank. If the length of your stay requires more than this, you can use one of the LP exchange services available at most gas, convenience, grocery and home improvements stores. The exchanged tank must be in comparable condition as the original, otherwise a fee for a new tank will be deducted from your security deposit. If at all possible fill the tank that accompanies the camper. Propane use will be charged accordinly upon the weight when returned.

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